FNEC VRTB Communications Tower















The proven and innovative Communication Tower Solutions using the FNEC VRTB wind turbines have passed 21 years.


Perfect for supplying reliable power to remote towers in uninhabited areas where no infrastructure exists. Optimal performance at extreme temperatures from -50C to +50C and at extreme wind conditions, gusts and icing. VRTB turbines have proven to operate at wind speeds from 2 meters per second (4.4 mph) to 54 meters per second (120.8 mph).


VRTB patented technologies provide safe and dependable power for Communication Tower operations, reducing and in most cases completely replacing the need for  costly diesel generator dependency.   The VRTB technology is effortless and environmentally friendly. 


The FNEC AUTONOMOUS MICRO GRID program (AMG) which requires NO investment can be installed if the Communication Tower to be powered meets the AMG program criteria.


VRTB Off-grid power supply solutions are unique and designed for a variety of communication towers.







FNEC VRTB Communication Tower Turbine FEATURES

v      Unique Modular design

v      Can be installed inside or outside communication tower

v      Design tested and proven to work at any temperatures -50C to +50C

v      Omni - directional

v      High efficiency in turbulent and hurricane level wind flows

v      Independent and reliable

v      Long service life

v      Unaffected by high wind gusts, sand storms and icing

v      No external moving parts (no threat to birds)

v      Very quiet - 0.5 db (at 20 meters no audible sound at all)

v      Meets highest safety standards

v      Resilient and only minor maintenance every 5 yrs

v      Automatic starting torque

v      Operates at wind speeds from 2 meters per second (4.4 mph) to 54 meters per second (120.8 mph)

v      No Vibration effect to communication tower



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